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 Christmas at the Museum 

“Mexican Heritage Christmas 2018”

Come explore the Mexican Culture and Christmas Traditions. The exhibit features the Las Posadas, Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady Guadalupe, the Mexican Star Pinata, Pastorelas, Nochebuena, Pointsettias, Villancicos, Nacimientos, and Mexican Christmas Food Traditions. Discover how some of the traditions we have in Texas resemble those from Mexico. 

Our sincere gratitude to our exhibit contributors:

Josie Adams, Jeremiah Ford, JoAnn Young, Wayne Adickes, and Inteplast Group

This exhibit will be on display through Janauary 13, 2018.

“Cuero Collects Christmas” 2016 Exhibit

The Cuero Heritage Museum proudly presents its holiday exhibit, “Cuero Collects Christmas,” open now through January 15th. The exhibit displays the Christmas decoration collections from various Cuero residents who have generously donated items from Nativity Scenes to Christmas Villages. Over the years, donations have been made by Marie Kerjci, a popular Cuero seamstress, known for her extensive collection of all things centered around Christmas trees, Tony Mahachet, a Cuero master craftsman, known for making intricately and beautifully designed wooded Christmas ornaments, and Ester Streetle, whose family donated her Christmas Churches collection and antique 1905 Noah’s Ark Christmas toy to the museum in her memory. Donations and displays have also been created by Wayne Adickes of his beautiful handmade ornaments collection and Suzette Dillon who assembled for our enjoyment a “Coca-Cola Christmas” exhibit.

"Snowmany Snowmen" 2015 Exhibit

In 2009 The Cuero Heritage Museum had a display of Debbie Comiskey’s collection of Snowmen.  Because of the high level of public interest her display created and because her collection has many new items we asked Debbie to let us show her collection for a second time.  It is amazing how many new items are in this exhibit.

You may not realize it, but the collecting of snowmen is a worldwide phenomenon.  People all over the world collect these charming items, and some collections run into the thousands.  There are numerous Internet references to the collecting of snowmen, and even books on the hobby are available.

Debbie Comiskey has been collecting snowmen for over 20 years.  She has an amazing collection, numbering in the hundreds. 

This is not counting the large number of snowmen Christmas tree ornaments.   In fact, her tree is decorated with nothing but snowmen.

As you view the various display cases and around the Museum see if you can find the following snowmen:

¨ made from pinecones

¨ made from a brick

¨ made from a pickle jar

¨ made from glass lamp shades

¨ made from a Coke bottle

¨ made from a gourd

¨ made from grapevine

¨ made a Kleenex box holder

¨ made from a light bulb

¨ made from wire

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