“Polly Howerton”

An Artist of True Character

Those that knew Polly say she was quite a character. Overflowing with charm and charisma, she still has people smiling today. Pauline Marie Hughes was born in Ellis County, Texas on March 16, 1904 to Ernest Lloyd Hughes and Susan Chase Hughes.

At the age of 20, Pauline married the love of her life, Jack Woodworth Howerton. Jack’s father, James C. Howerton, a native from Indianola, was one of the founders and the sole owner of the Cuero Daily Record. Jack and Polly moved to Cuero and began working the newspaper business. Jack managed the newspaper and Polly was the secretary. She found herself fitting right in and wrote a long standing column in the Cuero Daily Record called Polliwogs which was about happenings around town. When his father passed away in 1935, Jack become the sole owner and publisher of the newspaper.

Polly was a very passionate artist that not only painted beautiful works of art, she would teach others to paint and use their creativity. She gave art lessons to many of the local children and adults as well. She even traveled to Yoakum to teach art seminars. Polly was a very well-known artist in this whole area, winning numerous art shows. And her heart was always generous, giving works of art for fundraising purposes.

Jack and Polly loved children. Every year they hosted a Christmas party for the less than fortunate children and gave gifts.  This is something they were very passionate about.

In the late 1960’s, Polly traveled with a group of mid-western journalists to places such as Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and New Zealand to learn to become a more seasoned journalist. You can see the inspiration of her travels in some of the paintings we have on exhibit.

Shortly after retiring from the newspaper, Polly Howerton passes away on February 2, 1987, out living her husband Jack by 16 years. To those that knew Mrs. Howerton, the memory of her kindness and zeal for life lives on.

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