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 100 Years of Football 
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NOTE: This Exhibit is Currently Under Renovation and Updating.

We are adding touchscreens, expanding to include more years, and printing the team photos on high quality canvas. You can come see our progress at any time. 

Cuero has a hundred years of football history and has demonstrated time and again its pride in the Cuero Gobbler teams. This exhibit currently shows the first 60 years of Gobbler football and will soon expand to show all 100 years. (Expanding to the 100 years currently)

cuero football exhibit photo

Before Updating, Photos were Badly Fading

(This Photo was Taken Before the Fading Started)

cuero football exhibit photo

Updated Panels with High Quality Canvas Prints

A Letter From Cliff Weber:

Dear Gobbler Supporter,

In 2007, my father, Mike Weber, had a vision to create an exhibit at the Cuero Heritage Museum on The History of Cuero Gobbler Football. That vision turned into a reality with the creation of three exhibits that highlighted Gobbler Football 1911 to 1941, 1942 to 1972, and the Glory Years – 1973 to 1975.

Our goal for this year is to expand the exhibit to cover the years from 1976 to 2009, highlight all teams that won State Championships, condense all previous football exhibits and add a touch screen technology to highlight previous and additional Gobbler photos, stories and game clips.     

The reason for this letter is to solicit your financial support for creation of this massive undertaking. The Gobbler Football program is the pride of the City of Cuero. Visitors as well as former CHS athletes, students and their family members visit the museum annually and are in awe to see how our great football history has been preserved. Former players take great pride in finding their name or photo within the exhibit with the ability to show their children and grandchildren that they were a part of a winning tradition in their youth.

Estimates to create the next section of football history is approximately $20,000. All contributions as well as memorials will be recognized. Sponsorships are also available as follows:

Decade Panel Sponsorships2 sponsorships available at $500 each

1911-1929, 1930-1949, 1950s, 1960s, 1980s and 1990s Available

2018 State Champion Case - $500 (Sponsored)

(1970s & 2000s panels and the ‘73-’74-‘87 State Champion Case are Sponsored)

Sponsors for all of the above will be recognized with a name plate(s)/signage

Any contribution you make is greatly appreciated! Your tax deductible donation can be made payable to City of Cuero - Gobbler Football Exhibit. Thank you for your support of this historic display of Gobbler Football History and look forward to hearing from you soon!

To Donate to this Project:

The Daule Story

The Daule Story is extraordinary, bold, and brave. Not many teams won against the black Gobblers, and they were feared by many.

The Daule School story in the Cuero Football Museum

Cuero Heritage Museum
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